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Community Living Ruined This Introvert

Over the past couple of years, our team has utilized the Myers Briggs test to help strengthen our rapidly growing team.  According to the test, I’m an INFJ. I wasn’t surprised to find out that I’m an introvert. An introvert doesn’t mean you’re shy as some people are led to believe. We’re internal processors and need some time to ourselves to recharge. Things I’ve known about myself.

However, living in community has absolutely ruined this introvert!

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The Meaning of Pants

Life is never boring in Zambia. I mean, who else can say their truck survived a close encounter with a giraffe? It’s funny how quickly these types of stories just seem normal after awhile. The other day I was meeting with some friends for coffee and were exchanging ministry stories. And one I had nearly forgotten came back to me.

There was a day when I learned the true meaning of pants.

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The Fruit of Making Disciples: Unemployed

I’ve officially trained myself out of a job, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Most leadership books will tell you that one of the best characteristics of a good leader is that they raise up disciples to advance far beyond themselves. It’s always been the heart of our team at Overland Missions. We don’t church plant (unless we’re in a nation/area that needs a church) and we don’t make plans on running ministry projects ourselves for the rest of our lives. It’s not the way ministry was with the early disciples, and it’s not the way we work today.

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Back from A Blogging Break

Hey Everyone! Still here? I hope so…. or maybe you’re new. If you are: Welcome!

I haven’t posted on here in awhile. If you received my ministry newsletters (and if you don’t, feel free to subscribe in the pop-up box!) you’ll know that life hasn’t stopped. Ministry in Zambia is moving forward with some awesome changes ahead!

This is my last year in the Mukuni and Sekute Chiefdoms.

The goal from the beginning has always been to work myself out of a job. It’s why we raise up men and women and equip them for what God has called them to do. It doesn’t matter which denomination of church, their past, etc. We KNOW that the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is within them and is more then able to work through them.

The biggest clue that the leaders were ready to take on the ministry entirely? My truck breakdowns. I have them often. It comes from having a 24 year old truck that is in it’s 8th year on terrible ‘roads.’ However, it was during those times that I could clearly see that my absence didn’t stop ministry from happening. In fact, it was stronger then ever! So talking with leadership allowed us to move forward on the decision of have 2018 be a major transition year.

I’ve told the leaders about the change and they are excited to see what God is going to do through them!

My next project? A new chiefdom, Simwatachela.

A family is working there at the moment. Though next year they’re moving to a new province of Zambia to help launch a new base for our team. I’ll be able to pick up where they leave off and carry on with training up and equipping the local leaders. It truly is the dream job!

So all this to say: I’m coming back to the blog with the hopes of at least 1-2 posts a month. I want to share more about the daily life here on the ground, ministry stories, and whatever God puts on my heart.

Whether you’re a family member, friend, someone interested in missions, or just browsing I hope you find something here that God uses to impact your life- no matter how big or small. God bless!


Behind the Scenes: Sector Conference

Behind every big event is a lot of work, coordination, and teamwork. Our sector conference was a great success because of this and more! I’d like to share a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that went into our conference this month.

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