Back Home In Zambia!

There’s nothing like home! I’ve been so blessed to call this beautiful country my second home for over 13 years. Arriving back this past month was such an incredibly smooth transition. No delays or lost luggage on the flights, a quick inspection and dusting off the truck and already back full time in the new Chiefdom! Thanks to everyone for your prayers that this transition would go smoothly.

Our base has been a buzz of activity. Over the rainy season, our team here on the ground have worked tirelessly on expanding our kitchen so we can be better equipped to feed sometimes over 100 people! They’ve also worked on new chalets for staff and guests, vehicle repairs, and servicing our expedition trucks. It’s amazing the talents God has given our team and how He uses them for the Gospel!

Next week our Advanced Missions Training program starts off with 20 people arriving for 3 months. They’ll spend the time ministering in the villages and learning everything from foundational theology and world cultures to basic mechanics and even certified as wilderness first responders.

Also, our expedition season is launching with short term teams arriving and ministering with our teams all over the world! I’m very excited that one of these teams will be joining me in Simwatachela on May 19th! They’ll help us launch into a new region of the chiefdom that desperately needs the Gospel. Please keep this upcoming time of ministry in your prayers.

We’ve also been spending our time in the Chiefdom meeting with different leaders and contacts. So far we’ve been able to begin plans for leaders trainings and revival meetings in 4 villages, with another two areas to be set up this next week. I’m so expectant for what God has ahead and know it’s going to be far greater then anything I’ve ever seen before!

As of this past month, we’ve reached 100% of the needed budget for this season! THANK YOU to everyone who has partnered with the ministry here in Zambia! It means the world to me and to those we’ll be able to reach with the Gospel!

Meet Team Simwatachela!

One of our core beliefs in Overland Missions is that we “never go alone.” I am so blessed to have two amazing Zambian missionaries working alongside me in Simwatachela.

Abigail is 29 years old and the oldest daughter of Pastor Winter, who has worked with me in Mukuni and is now overseeing the ministry there. Abigail has spent the last several years joining our expedition teams here in the Southern Province of Zambia. She and I have known each other for several years and are very excited to be working together.

Bernard is 25 years old and has been working with Overland Missions for almost 2 years. He just completed an 8 month internship with our Sustain Department and has also been trained in our kids ministry program. It’s great to have Bernard on our team, and to see the excitement he has for reaching others with the Gospel.

We also have Bianca, who completed our Advanced Mission Training program last year. She’s currently home in Canada, raising her funds to be able to return full time. I can’t wait until she joins us full time!

There’s such beauty in working as a team, each bringing their own giftings and experience to the ministry.  God has put an incredible team together and I am so excited to see Him use us in awesome ways!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me and is making a difference in the lives of the people we are reaching in Zambia! 

As always, I look forward to hearing from you. Please also let me know if you need prayer for anything!