Return to Simwatachela

As we sat down at  Chief Simwatachela’s home, he immediately said “You’re joining me on the 25th.” “Sure!” I answered without hesitation or even knowing what we would be doing. When a chief gives an invitation, you take it!

On the 25th, Abigail, Bernard, and I found ourselves in Siamafumba Village, joining all 348 headmen from every village in the entire chiefdom. This meeting is held every year by the Chief, but this year was unique. Many leaders from the district and council joined together to share about the program they’ve been implementing into the area, as well as hearing about needs from within the communities. 

We had the honor of starting off the morning with an introduction to Overland Missions and a message on unity in the Body of Christ. It is a rare thing to see denominations working together, even seeing each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. So our message that morning focused on how God sees us as His children, according to our faith in the Lord. When we step out in unity, every area of life will be affected. Not just in our churches, but in every part of our communities, chiefdom, and nation. 

The theme of unity carried throughout the messages of every guest speaker. Bornwell, one of our leaders and headman of his village, confirmed it was the word that was needed for the meeting. He shared that “this was a heavy word but a word that everyone needed to hear. Unity is what is needed in our area.” 

This was an incredible start to our season post-quarantine. The Chief has given permission for our normal ministry to resume with some minimal restrictions and conditions. Already we’re making plans for the revival meetings to resume, Farming God’s Way trainings, and identifying new areas to eventually reach. 

Next month will have us back in the villages every week as we usually are during this time of year. Please continue to pray for Zambia that Covid-19 will disappear, borders open, and life return to normal. We have staff trying to return, expedition teams planned for early August, and our Advanced Missions Training class for late August. We are standing in faith for the way to be opened for all of this to happen. Please stand with us!

I’m praying for all of you, your families, and the nations. Please feel free to reach out to chat, pray together, and to encourage each other.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me and is making a difference in the lives of the people we are reaching in Zambia!