Delayed Progress

Last month I shared about our open door to resume ministry in Simwatachela. And boy were we ready to jump back in! All that was needed was the one sensor for my truck and then we were back on the road.

I’d been waiting on the sensor to arrive from South Africa for weeks, due to delays with Covid-19. And it finally arrived! I pulled the truck into our workshop, grabbed the new part and looked at the pedal, where the sensor is that needs to be replaced. My heart dropped, it wasn’t the same part. After calling the Toyota shop here in Livingstone, I confirmed that I had been given the wrong part number and would have to wait for the correct sensor to come in.

I had my moment of discouragement but pushed through and made a plan. Armed with the correct part number, I placed another order and a friend in South Africa picked up the correct part (after we triple checked this time!).

I’m so happy to say that the correct sensor has finally arrived! This week the truck is having the sensor replaced and new shock absorbers fitted! Then we’ll hopefully be back at 100% and on the road!

While waiting on the part to arrive, I jumped into helping serve on the base.  We’re working hard to prepare for the arrival of more of our missionaries returning to the field, as well as our AMT students for August. We’re expecting 60 students to arrive at the end of August for our 3 month Advanced Mission Training program!

I was also able to finish the Bible School program that I’ve been working on! I’ve been enrolled in the program since joining Overland but haven’t been very committed to finishing. Thankfully I utilized this season and am happy to say that I now have a Diploma in Christian Ministry. 

Reuben and Bernard, two of our Zambian missionaries, made a trip out to Simwatachela for a Farming God’s Way training. It was held in a new area that we want to start ministry in as there’s been a huge need for the Gospel, especially with the youth. The training was cut short due to a funeral but was a great introduction. 19 people joined for the training and are eager to learn more when our team returns next month.

“This training wasn’t just about farming but about how God provides in many ways. Proverbs 3 talks about not leaning on our own understanding, which we shared a lot about. God’s ways are not our ways, even in farming. Those who attended thought at first that God only cares about certain areas of life, so they would rely on ancestral worship for the rest. But after this training they’ve learned that God cares about every part and has provided His provision in every area of life.” Bernard, Sector Missionary

Please keep standing with us in faith that Covid-19 cases here in Zambia, and worldwide, will cease. There’s been increasing cases here and we’re walking this season out in faith and wisdom.

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

I’m praying for all of you, your families, and the nations. Please feel free to reach out to chat, pray together, and to encourage each other. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me and is making a difference in the lives of the people we are reaching in Zambia!