Ministry, Arrivals, & Check Engine Lights

August felt like the doors have finally opened! This month we’ve spent more time in Simwatachela than the rest of the year combined. Praise God! We were welcomed back by our friends in each of the 5 villages reached this month with great excitement. Each place had testimonies to share of what God has been doing in this season. 

The other day we were able to minister in Chalinga Village. The men and women took a break from working on building a dam to join us for a time in the Word. Abigail, Bernard and I took the time share about their value to God and what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us. We were so excited to pray with 10 people to receive Christ that day! 

This month has also opened the doors for our AMT students to arrive! Our May class had been canceled due to Covid, but travel to Zambia opened just in time for the August class to run. So we combined the students from both into our largest class ever. 50 students arrived on our property and it’s finally feeling like a normal year! They will be heading out for their first expedition to the Mukuni Chiefdom, which is the sector I previously worked in and is now led by Pastor Winter, one of our Zambian Sector Managers. The team will be here for 3 months learning every skill needed to aid in reaching the nations.

After replacing the faulty sensor on my truck, we believed that the problems were finally over. We were wrong. The check engine light continued to return with the same sensor codes, as well as the code for the computer (a new problem). Fighting discouragement, we began researching what the problem could be. It seemed like either the computer was failing or there was a wiring issue. The other night one of my good friends worked on my truck and found some problems with the wiring. We’re hoping this has solved the issues and will know after a test trip to the Mukuni Chiefdom tomorrow¬†(joining AMT for a couple days). Praise God for amazing, talented friends!!

I’m praying for all of you, your families, and the nations. Please feel free to reach out to chat, pray together, and to encourage each other. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me and is making a difference in the lives of the people we are reaching in Zambia!