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Giraffes: Up Close & Personal

Giraffes have been my favorite animal since I moved to Zambia. My favorite memory was when I took my parents on safari in Botswana and we sat in the middle of a huge herd of them. It was amazing!

Then there was the time a giraffe rolled across the hood of my truck. Yeah… that happened…

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5 Phases of a Solo Road Trip

As a missionary, I find myself traveling quite a lot. Recently, I just took a road trip from Florida to Chicago and discovered something interesting. There are at least 5 different phases that you go through while in the car alone for 8 hours…. much less several days of 8 hour drives.

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Following A Path

Sometimes in life you meet a fork in the road. One way looks familiar, similar to where you’ve already been. The other is usually  completely unknown. Most often, God is calling us down that unknown path.

I first landed in Zambia in 2005. A 2 week trip with Overland Missions completely wrecked my life. Once I returned home, I’d finish my last year of college, get a job in the suburbs of Chicago as a music teacher, and keep serving in my church. That was plan. It seemed like a great plan. God had other ideas.

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I love blogs! I love how creative people are as they share events and lessons from everyday life. I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for years. I’ve even started and failed several times. So here’s to attempt number 1001!

I’d like this place to share what ‘normal’ life is for a missionary living in Zambia. I get so used to the normal ongoings of life ministering in the villages, serving on our base, and even in travels back to America that I forget it isn’t ‘normal’! So I’m going to do my best, despite slow internet and power outages, to show a better picture of what life looks like and what the amazing Zambian people teach me each day!

Thanks for checking in and sticking with me in this blogging journey!

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