Sometimes in life you meet a fork in the road. One way looks familiar, similar to where you’ve already been. The other is usually  completely unknown. Most often, God is calling us down that unknown path.

I first landed in Zambia in 2005. It was supposed to be a one time trip, 2 weeks serving with Overland Missions. Once I returned home, I’d finish my last year of college, get a job in the suburbs of Chicago as a music teacher, and keep serving in my church. That was plan. It seemed like a great plan. God had other ideas.

Over the course of the two weeks, God was speaking to me about serving in full time missions. “This is what I’ve called you to do for the rest of your life.” Despite every excuse I could come up (and I had plenty!), God continued proving to me that He was more then enough. I just needed to be willing to be used.

I clearly remember sitting on the edge of the gorge, watching the sun rise, and giving everything to the Lord. I laid down every one of my plans and accepted what He was calling me to. If this is God’s best for me, I never want to settle for anything less!

It’s been ten years down this unknown path and I’ve never looked back. I still don’t know what lies ahead but God has never failed me.  He offers His absolute best to us, we must simply choose it above all else.