I’ve officially trained myself out of a job, and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Most leadership books will tell you that one of the best characteristics of a good leader is that they raise up disciples to advance far beyond themselves. It’s always been the heart of our team at Overland Missions. We don’t church plant (unless we’re in a nation/area that needs a church) and we don’t make plans on running ministry projects ourselves for the rest of our lives. It’s not the way ministry was with the early disciples, and it’s not the way we work today.

My truck broke down A LOT last year which prevented me from getting to the villages. However, ministry didn’t depend on my attendance anymore. In fact, it excelled far greater then had I been there! My team of leaders from within the chiefdom easily stepped in and ran the meetings, continued pushing into new areas, and were meeting together to encourage each other. I was no longer needed and could cry for joy because of it!

When we (Overland Missions) launch a new sector, we don’t see what lies before us but what will be in the coming years.

We see a chiefdom that is no longer ruled by fear, witchcraft, and ancient traditions. We see men and women who are and truly understand what it means to be children of God, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Lives completely changed! When I look at Mukuni and Sekute today, that is what’s before my very eyes! It’s no longer a dream; it’s become reality.

At our Sector/Sustain Conference the other week, both chiefdoms were officially turned over to the new sector managers. Fred and Memory are now leading the ministry in Sekute, and Pastor Winter and Pastor Austen are leading in Mukuni. I’m spending my last few weeks spending time with the leaders and helping our new sector managers cast vision for the years ahead.

The new season before me has me returning to pioneering roots.

It’s been awhile since I’ve launched into brand new areas and I’m very excited for what lies ahead. I can’t wait to see Simwatachela Chiefdom completely changed just like we’ve seen happen in Mukuni and Sekute. It’s not a dream but a reality that we’re working towards.