Wrapping Up A Season

November passed a lot faster than I had anticipated. Bernard, Abigail and I visited each of the areas in Simwatachela that we work in, and were able to set up a schedule for them to continue ministry while I’m in the States. We were able to hold some of our revival meetings, saw two teenage girls healed and delivered, as well as lay out ministry plans for 2021. We’re so excited for what God has planned for the Simwatachela chiefdom this rainy season and next year!

On November 22nd, our Advanced Mission Training class graduated with 50 students from several different nations. This has been our largest class to date and was an incredible 3 months! These months have been an intense season for the students as they dove deeper into understanding who they are in Christ, how to ministry across different cultures, as well as practical skills needed on the missions field.

It’s going to be amazing to see God use them to continue expanding the Kingdom!

The day after graduation, I joined our AMT students in the journey back to their home countries. After about 30 hours of travel, with layovers, I arrived to my family in Tampa, FL. I was greeted by the masked faces of my family and was even able to surprise my brother by a quick visit at his work. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. No better way to beat jet lag then baking pies!

Support Update

My plan as of right now is to be in the States until around April 1st. I’ll be in Florida through January, Illinois in February. Then a quick trip to California before back in Florida in March. 

One of my main focuses while home is to fundraise for the next season of ministry. As of right now, I have $380 in monthly support needed to be considered fully funded. Please prayerfully consider partnering, or even increasing your donation, with the ministry we’re doing in Simwatachela!

Also, if you have your church, small group, or even a friend who might be interested in learning more about the ministry here in Zambia, please let me know. We can even arrange a Zoom chat or FaceTime while I’m in the States! I greatly appreciate it!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all and sharing about everything God is doing here in Zambia! 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. It means a lot to me and is making a difference in the lives of the people we are reaching in Zambia!