Behind every big event is a lot of work, coordination, and teamwork. Our sector conference was a great success because of this and more! I’d like to share a glimpse of the ‘behind the scenes’ work that went into our conference this month.

Making name tags with Ashley

Preparations began months ago with coordinating 10 sector managers (missionary who oversee ministry projects in a given area. Click here to read more about what we do!) schedules. In the midst of leaders trainings, revival meetings, and our other normal programs we finally found a week we all have available. Then began the selection of a venue, selecting which leaders would come, and coordinating transport. Many of our leaders traveled for hours to join the conference!

Loading up the groceries

This year we were able to hold it at the home of our one of sector managers. They had built a large pavilion for events such as this. It was a great central location for everyone arriving from all over the southern and western parts of Zambia!

A week before the conference had us running around like crazy but extremely excited for the upcoming meetings.

Ready for registration to begin!

My friend and co-laborer Ashley was my sanity with jumping in to help with whatever tasks needed to be done. We tackled various tasks such as making over 100 name tags, hauling chairs to the venue, or running around town doing the grocery shopping!


Our entire staff pulled together to help!

Cooking for over 100 people!

Especially when we miscounted chairs and more needed to be brought in from the base on the first day of the event! Then there was the awesome flexibility of our team when two who were scheduled to speak fell ill. There was no hesitation in our staff as other stepped up to fill in just before the session was to begin!

Must have coffee!

And we cannot forget Arthur’s tireless work on the bathrooms, newly constructed, and the repairs needed after some mishaps with the toilets! Hours after everyone was asleep, he kept working until everything was running smoothly. Not an easy task with over 100 people using 6 toilets!

There’s a lot that goes into running a conference. However, the help never lacks as our team constantly looks for ways to serve one another. It’s because of this heart that everything was such a great success!