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The Difference Between A Story & A Testimony

Are you a good storyteller? I wouldn’t call myself the greatest but several of my friends are amazing at it. They can take the smallest event and weave it into a magical tale! A good story can transport us into another world or make even the dullest event come to life. However, what’s the difference between a story and a testimony?

The first time I ever heard a missionary speak, I had just started attending the church I went to during college.  He painted this incredible picture of being in the African bush. His story continued with being stranded overnight and waking to find leopard prints all around his broken down truck! I remember in that moment thinking, “That’s awesome but people like me don’t do things like that.”

Now I have my own stories to tell. I could entertain you for hours about encounters with giraffes, lions, crazy vehicle breakdowns.

But I would rather share a testimony with you.

This is what I believe is the difference between a story and a testimony. A testimony leads you into an encounter with the Lord. It changes you! Your faith has increased and any limitations you’ve put on God have been removed! A testimony contains the truth of the Word that leaves us unable to remain the same.

So here’s one of my favorite testimony from this past year.

Roster came to us searching for freedom. Years had been spent being tormented by nightmares and illnesses from a visit to the witch doctor in her youth. Others had prayed for her in the past but the change would only be temporary. Hope was running out.

As she shared with us about her life and her oppression, we asked a simple question. “Have you ever made the decision to accept Jesus as your savior?” She was slow to respond as she thought through this simple but life changing question. “No but I want to.” Our team shared the truth of Jesus with her and she gave her life to Christ!

Everything changed in that very moment! As soon as we prayed, Roster felt the darkness that hung over her completely disappear. She was finally free! God then gave us a word for her saying that He has called her to minister to those in her community that she knows struggle with the same problems. Instead of being one of those in darkness, she was now a light in her community, bringing freedom to those in need! Today Roster is actively involved in the ministry in Mukangala Village and is working with our leaders to minister the Gospel!

So here’s my challenge to you. Each day presents opportunities to share stories with others. Take the opportunity to share a testimony instead, leading those listening into an encounter with the Lord!




  1. Tom

    Excellent reminder! We are here on this earth to be a testimony and present a testimony of who Jesus is and what He has done for us, and what He can do for others. Jesus told the disciples to go and tell. We need to do the same. Thanks for sharing.

    • mydustyroad

      Thanks for the comment, Tom! Really appreciate it

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