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Month: January 2017

Secret Handshakes

The Zambian culture is very complex and diverse. With over 70 different tribes in one country, you learn living here that each one is similar yet different. However, greetings play a big role in every single one. Conversations are never rushed and there are countless ways to say “hello.”

One thing I love is the handshake. Zambians have a specific handshake that they greet each other with. It’s kind of like being in a secret club. If you don’t know it, you quickly fumble through, wondering “what the heck just happened?”

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I love blogs! I love how creative people are as they share events and lessons from everyday life. I’ve toyed with the idea of a blog for years. I’ve even started and failed several times. So here’s to attempt number 1001!

I’d like this place to share what ‘normal’ life is for a missionary living in Zambia. I get so used to the normal ongoings of life ministering in the villages, serving on our base, and even in travels back to America that I forget it isn’t ‘normal’! So I’m going to do my best, despite slow internet and power outages, to show a better picture of what life looks like and what the amazing Zambian people teach me each day!

Thanks for checking in and sticking with me in this blogging journey!

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